This is our STAMP on projects:

Simplified Team Approach (to) Managing


1- make (something) simpler or easier to do or understand.
2- to make less complex or complicated; make plainer or easier;

We Eliminate Project Headaches.

Projects are challenging, complex and stressful. We believe that hiring a project management firm should simplify the process, not make it more difficult. Use our Team Approach by injecting our individuals into existing teams, we work hand in hand with our clients towards project success while they maintain the control they desire.

Up-front Simplicity.

We simplify your project by providing:

  • Straight forward rates with no hidden costs (easy to forecast budgets)
  • Whole project teams or select individuals to supplement existing teams
  • Progress Reports (Daily, Weekly, Financial, Construction and more)
  • Management of our teams to ensure they are meeting your expectations (that is our job, not yours)
  • Help in developing bids, evaluating, selecting and managing contractors
  • Develop, permit and manage the project from conception to close-out
3 Ways to Work with Us
  1. We will manage the entire process on our end, start to finish.
  2. Small Selected Individuals mixed with existing project teams
  3. Epcon provides the whole project team but works directly with existing project management in Team Approach